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Corporate Interface – Guest Talks

Our goal is to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be leaders in any industry they choose to pursue. The Corporate Interface program is just one of the many initiatives we offer to help our students gain a competitive edge in the job market. Our girls have access to a wealth of resources, including state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and innovative teaching methods.

24 January 2023
Mrs. Pragati Chopada Shah
Managing Cultural Diversity in Professional Space
Sonali Joshi
27 January 2023
Ms. Uzma Mulla
Panel Discussion Women Entrepreneurs
Sonali Joshi
14 January 2022
Ms. Viddulata Gawade, Director, Vivant Holistic Skill Development Center, Pune
Session on Gender Sensitivity
Dr. Divya Lakhani
20 January 2022
Mr. Hitendra Soneji, Founder Will to Win
Session on Goal Setting
Dr. Divya Lakhani
12 February 2022
CS Rachana Kokal
Guest Session On Corporate Governance
Dr. Divya Lakhani
5 March 2022
Mr. Kalpit Tiwari Manager – Business Consulting Capgemini Technology, Pune.
Digital Disruptions post covid Era – Industry connect
Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade
28 June 2022
CA Hemant Godse
Ratio Analysis: A Practical Approach in Business Decision
Ms Vaishali Patil
2 July 2022
Mr. Ravinder Singh Chawla
E-Filing of Income Tax Return
Dr. Divya Lakhan
29 December 2022
Mrs. Himanshi Kharb, Indian Patent Office (IPO), Mumbai
21 December 2022
Mr. Rohit Warman
FINANCIAL EDUCATION FOR YOUNG CITIZEN by Kona Kona Siksha (A Kotak Securities CSR initiative)
Ms Vaishali Patil
28 January 2023
Dr. Dipti Nashine, Consultant DBA in ATOS Global IT Solutions
Is Java Still Used In 2023?
Dr Abhijeet Kaiwade
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