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The Library has the NPTEL Local Chapter to enable students to take up self paced online learning courses [ MOOCs] 

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Library Events

Date and Time
Title of Program
Resource Program
5th February 2021 Time: 2.00 pm
Webinar on ‘DELNET Networked Resources & Services’
Dr. Sangeeta Kaul Director, DELNET (Developing Library Network)Delhi.
27th February, 2021 Time : 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm
Webinar on “Information Literacy Program for MBA Students”.
Dr. Sanjay Desale Assistant University Librarian, Jaykar Knowledge Resource Centre, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune.
6th March,2021 Time: 11.30 am to 12.30 pm
Webinar on “Core Web Resources Beyond Google”.
Mr. Pralhad Jadhav, The Associate Director,Khaitan & Co., Mumbai
29th June 2021
National Level workshop on ‘Research Skills using Grammarly and Typoset Research Studio.’
Mr. Mahesh Wagh Director, Nexux Global EduTech Company, Pune
17th July 2021
National Level Workshop on Google Apps: Useful Tools for Librarians and Research scholars
Mr. Pradeep Bachhav, Librarian, at Agasti Arts, Commerce and Dadasaheb Rupwate S Science College, Akole.

Webinar on ‘DELNET Networked Resources & Services’

5th February, 2021  2.00 pm

Resource Person: Dr. Sangeeta Kaul, Director, DELNET (Developing Library Network), Delhi.

Total attendees: 168


DELNET (Developing Library Network) is committed to promoting the sharing of resources among libraries by developing a network of libraries; collecting, storing, and disseminating information, and offering computerized services to the users.

Objectives of Webinar:

To guide users in accessing DELNET Databases and their catalogs.

To guide the students about Open Access Journals, Tables of Contents, Full-Text eBooks, and e-journals.

To guide the students for accessing CD-ROM Databases i.e. a bibliographic database of CD-ROMs available with the Member Libraries.

To give information about databases of Theses and Dissertations covering various subjects i.e. a database of Theses and Dissertations submitted to Indian Universities.


Dr. Sangeeta Kaul explained how to access DELNET databases with various catalogs. She also guided how to access e-journals, contents, ebooks, newsletters, Knowledge gainer portals, Language learning portals, Manuscripts Rare books, and Theses/Dissertations. She enlightened participants about services and facilities provided by DELNET such as Resource Discovery, Foreign services, Professional Training, Software Support, etc.


Webinar on “Information Literacy Program for MBA Students”

27th February, 2021
1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Resource Person: Dr. Sanjay Desale, Assistant University Librarian, Jaykar Knowledge Resource Centre, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune.

Total attendees: 42

Information Literacy: 

Information Literacy has been known by many different names like Library Orientation, Bibliographic Instructions, User Education, Information Skills Training, etc. 

Information Literacy concentrates on how to make optimum use of library resources, and bibliographic instruction and user education focus on the mechanics of using various resources. 

In general, Information Literacy is the ability to find, understand, evaluate, and use information.

Objectives of Webinar:

To educate students on the techniques of getting information rapidly and easily and evaluating information and sources.

To guide students on the effective use of the library and understand what to read.

To demonstrate ethical use of information from technical tools.

To acquaint the students with the use of various search techniques to retrieve information. 

To show the usefulness of various multimedia resources and online and CD-ROM databases.

To highlight the importance of web resources


Dr. Sanjay Desale explained how to engage, articulate, understand, evaluate, and use Information Literature. He explained and classified Information sources as Documentary and Non-documentary sources; Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary sources. He guided effective searches such as Boolean Operators, Truncation, and Wild Cards. He also emphasized advanced search options.

Dr. Sanjay Desale emphasized the importance of lifelong learning and the role of Information Literacy in the pursuit of this goal. 


Webinar on “Core Web Resources Beyond Google”

6th March, 2021  11:30 am to 12:30 pm

Resource Person: Mr. Pralhad Jadhav, The Associate Director, Khaitan & Co., Mumbai

Total attendees: 35

A web-based system is a system, which provides information and services to students and research scholars by using internet web technologies. Its main aim is to publish and maintain data by using the Hypertext Software System. A web-based resource can be obtained through the World Wide Web.

Mr. Pralhad Jadhav spoke about online information resources as well as primary, secondary, and tertiary sources which are useful for research and academic purposes. He explained how to access e-resources such as eBooks, e-journals, articles, maps, Government reports, standing committee reports, UGC reports, AITCE reports, etc.  Besides, he demonstrated how to access the Global Open Access Portal (UNESCO), DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), Open Door (Directory of Open Access Repositories), DOAB (Directory of Open Access Book) and the use of J-Gate (Database for Journals), National Digital Library of India, e-Pathshala (for academic electronic study material), NPTEL (e-Learning), Google Scholar (Search Engine), Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, etc. He explained that these resources are cost-effective or available free of charge and students must make optimum use of these resources.

National Level Workshop on Typeset Studio and Grammarly

29th June 2021
11:30pm to 12:30pm

Resource Person: Mr. Zeeshan Ahmad (Trainer of Mr. Mahesh Wagh) Trainer at Global Edu-Tech Pvt. Ltd., Pune.

Total attendees: 61

Mr. Zeeshan explained in detail the features of both the software/ tools for citing, formatting, and building research work. He demonstrated how the software can be used to search journals/articles; convert MS Word documents into PDFs; format references in the research paper and make citations. He guided me in getting documents reviewed independently in Typeset Studio and explained how to select templates for articles; and how to add equations, references, figures, and tables using Typeset Studio. He also demonstrated the use of tools for checking plagiarism in both the software. Mr. Zeeshaan showed how we can set goals such as formatting, domain, tone, intent, etc., and how Grammarly can be used to correct language errors.


National Level Workshop on Introduction to Zotero

29th June 2021
12:30pm to 1:30pm

Resource Person: Mr. Pradeep Bachhav, Librarian, at Agasti Arts, Commerce and Dadasaheb Rupwate S Science College, Akole.

Total attendees: 57

VMr. Bachhav stated the features of Google Chrome in detail as well as Google apps such as Maps, Drive, Keep, Blogger, Hangouts, Jamboard, Earth, Arts and Culture. He explained how to organize Gmail by using different folders; how to create YouTube channel using Gmail account in detail. He demonstrated the Keep app, Google Workplace and search strategies in Google. He provided guidance on creating sites on Google and gave information on how to search and purchase domain for the sites. Mr. Bachhav also explained how one can use the attributes of Google Scholar in a specific way

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