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SVIMS Alumnae Association

Association Registration Details

Governing Body Members

  • Ms. Darshika Chug

  • Ms Sonia Karamchandani

  • Ms. Sameeksha Makhijani

  • Ms Priya Sachadev

  • Ms Monika Jedhe

  • Ms. Bindiya Rangwani

Alumnae Meet 2022

Tools for Digital Marketing and SEO

19th February, 2022

Guest Speaker: Akanksha, Journalist, Times of India

The session covered the growing importance of Digital Marketing in its online and offline forms in marketing products and services, tracking the number of customers and sales through Analytics, and using tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


She laid emphasis  on setting benchmarks,  organic rankings for a set of approximately 30 to 50 keywords and monitoring fluctuations in average monthly organic traffic and conversions, year-on-year data to track annual trends and seasonality and improving keyword rankings,
driving more site traffic, and boosting conversions

Roles and Responsibilities of Employees in Marketing

25th February, 2022

Alumnae: Ms. Snigdha Das, Business Development Manager, IFAS Edutech 
Ms. Tanvi Tirthani, Strategic ad Initiative Executive, TrueQC

image (84).png

This interview with two of our alumnae namely, Ms. Snigdha Das and Ms. Tanvi Tirthani gave students of  Part I insights into:

  • What is the professional journey for the first 3-4 years of people in Marketing like;

  • The lessons that one learns in the entire marketing journey in the first few years of the career

  • Skills that one needs to pursue following the current job role and market demands

  • Effects of digitalization on the jobs in Marketing

Power Your Intelligent Enterprise with SAP

26th November, 2022

Alumna: Ms. Komal Panjawani

image 4.png

Ms. Komal Panjwani, SAP Consultant at TCS spoke in detail about SAP and its importance to organizations. She explained how SAP software integrates different departments and functions of the organizations into a single computer system.


This helps in generating reports analyzing data and other tasks of the departments. She urged students to take up the course and detailed the fees and where it can be pursued. She also explained job profiles and skill requirements for pursuing their careers in this field.

Accept that You can Upgrade

26th November, 2022

Alumna: Ms. Snigdha Das

image 3.png
Alumni 2022.png

Ms. Snigdha mentioned the importance of pursuing an MBA and at the same time, the necessity and importance of pursuing various courses for upskilling. She stressed the necessity of mastering EXCEL, improving communication well, and being prepared to work hard and for extended periods.

She further explained how it was important to attend college and lectures regularly and summarize the MBA journey and employer expectations from students/recruits.

Alumnae Meet 2021


24th March, 2021

Alumna: Roshani Ramchandani, System Analyst, Foodimentary 

Alumni 2021.png

Roshani Ramchandani, System Analyst at Information Technology of Foodimentary India explained the planning process of business activities and how planning of a business can reduce uncertainty. She gave the example of project planning, She further explained that effective project execution requires market analysis, technical analysis, financial analysis, economic analysis, and ecological analysis.


Taking a simple example of planning a trip she helped students to She explained the process by asking students to plan a trip to GOA with friends. Students gave several inputs, a detailed discussion was held, and a proper trip plan was developed considering cost, mode of travel, time of traveling, route, hotel stay, places to visit, etc. She concluded by advising that proper planning is a must for a successful career and life.

Introduction to Cyber Security 

12th June, 2021

Alumna: Ms. Sameekasha, Senior Consultant, Infosys

Alumni 2021.jpg

Ms. Sameekasha, started her session with cybercrime and threats while using the internet, smartphones, social media, and online meetings. She enlightened students about the latest cyber threats:

Cloud vulnerability – enterprises are leveraging cloud applications and storing sensitive data related to their employees and business operations on the cloud.

  • AI-Enhanced Cyberthreats, AI Fuzzing

  • Smart Contract Hacking

  • Social engineering attacks like phishing have always been used by attackers to trick victims into surrendering sensitive information like login details and credit card information.

  • Deepfake- is a fake video or audio recording that cybercriminals use for illicit purposes.

  • Handing over the keys to the kingdom in terms of personal information, OTP, UPI payment, posting your activities on social media, etc.


She cautioned students against the above crimes and urged everyone to increase their level of awareness and education. She stated that one must never click on the links in unknown messages, unknown offer links, or respond to unknown emails with details.

Her nuggets of wisdom:

  • Educate yourself on the importance of data protection and security protocols. Focus on cyber security awareness.

  • Create a unique and strong password combination and complement it with two-factor authentication to access the system.

  • Invest in cybersecurity tools like antivirus software, firewall, and other privacy tools to automatically scan threats. Install and update your antivirus software.

Credit Management and Bank Lending

12th June, 2021

Resource Person: Ms. Meenakshi, Branch Head, Karur Vysya Bank Ltd, Bengaluru

She started the session by explaining the financial system and components of the Indian Financial System. Further, she explained day-to-day banking activities and banking allied operations. She then headed to the second main topic Credit Management Process in which she gave information related to criteria for granting credit, terms of the credit, credit recovery procedure, compliances related to the credit, and how revenue and profits are earned on credit. She gave valuable information about CIBIL score which is one of the important bases for lending loans. She also explained how loans become NPAs (Non-Performing Assets).

In the end, she enlightened students about various career opportunities available in the banking sector such as Investment Banking, Business Banking, Retail/ Consumer Banking, Portfolio/ Asset Management, Wealth Management/ Private Banking, Personal Finance, Accounting and Audit Services, Financial Consulting, Corporate Finance, etc.

Job Opportunities in Risk Management

10th June, 2021

Alumna: Ms. Sonal Makhijani, Assistant Vice President, Credit Suisse, Pune

Alumni 2021 1.jpg

Ms. Sonal Makhijani, Assistant Vice President, Credit Suisse, Pune, explained the concept of Risk Management as the process of identifying, assessing, and controlling threats to an organization’s capital and earnings.

She explained that a Risk Manager has to communicate the risk policies and processes of an organization;  develop risk mitigation models;  provide research and analytical support and ensure that controls are operating effectively. A risk manager has to make sure that the company only takes the risks that will help it achieve its primary objectives while keeping all other risks under control. 

Ms. Makhijani also spoke about career options in this space: 

  • Risk Analyst

  • Insurance Analyst

  • Loss Control Representative

  • Risk Consultant

  • Risk Control Consultant

  • Risk Management Consultant

  • Risk Manager

  • Business Risk Manager


SKILLS required for successful Risk Management:

  • Financial acumen

  • Analytical skills and an eye for detail

  • Industry and Market Knowledge

  • Ability to endure and work under stress

  • Technical skills, negotiation skills, and the ability to influence people

  • Good communication and presentation skills

Alumnae Meet 2020

Gurupurab Celebration   

1st January, 2020

Alumna: Ms. Harsheen Kaur, Volunteer at Hollywood Gurudwara

Alumni 2021 2.jpg

In line with our objectives of educating our students on ‘Unity amongst all religions’ and emphasizing human values, we invited Ms. Harsheen Kaur, our alumna and a volunteer at Hollywood Gurudwara for the celebration of the birth anniversary of a great hero, a great philosopher, Guru Gobind Singhji.


She started with a soulful Punjabi Bhajan and then went on to explain to us the meaning of it. She then continued with enlightening us about Guru Gobind Singhji, how he inculcated basic human values in people around him and how he became a great hero in the eyes of so many. ‘Following a particular religion is an individual choice and inclusion of people from all religions is the foundation of a society’ was amongst his fundamental teachings which was enumerated by way of a story by Ms. Harsheen. We ended this celebration with another beautiful Bhajan sung for us by Ms. Harsheen Kaur. 

E-Alumni Meet & E-Farewell Party 2020

Chal Chalein Apne Ghar

28th June, 2020

Alumni 2020.jpg

The meeting started with the Director’s welcome note and was then taken over by a team of our student hosts to read the appreciations written for alumnae and MBA II students in an activity called ‘Fishponds.’ The next activity named ‘Memory se connect karo’ refreshed the lovely memories of all the participants where they were asked to narrate a fun/loving memory with another participant they cherished at SVIMS.


The challenge of repeating the tongue twisters (RITTLE RATTLE TITTLE TATTLE) followed the narration of lovely memories and a small fun-loving competition was held between alumni, MBA-II students, and faculty members. The last session of our programme was exclusively planned for alumni where they were requested to share their experiences in life after SVIMS. Every alumna who spoke expressed her gratitude towards SVIMS for teaching them the lessons of life, imparting values that keep them grounded in the corporate world, and instilling confidence in them at every stage and every task.

Last but not least there was an Award ceremony planned. The names of the nominees were collected in advance by circulating Google forms. There were four nominations for Alumnae ‘The Entrepreneur of the Year’, ‘The Professional of the Year”, ‘The Emerging Leader Award’, ‘The Active Alumna Award’. The one, who got the highest nominations, got the award.

The highlight of this event was “The Best Girl Award” which was awarded to Ms. Siddhika Pawar.

Talking Entrepreneurship

3rd October, 2020

Resource Persons:

  • Mr. Raman Nanda – Founder and CEO of STEP Transformations

  • Prof. Deepak Dheer – Professor and Management Consultant

  • Ms. Akanksha Dharmani – Founder Athas and Alumna of SVIMS

  • Mr. Advait Kurlekar (Panel Moderator) – CEO, Upohan Management Consultants

​The panel discussion started with the quote “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” - Walt Disney

This panel discussion in association with Tie consisted of three eminent panellists and one moderator who shared experiences of their business venture. All the panellists strongly suggested that students should take up entrepreneurship as a career as it truly empowers an individual and further that it should be pursued as early as possible in one’s career.

While taking about the qualities of an entrepreneur, all panellists focused on the following points:

  1. 1. It is necessary to sell your original idea.

  2. To be a thorough professional

  3. Focus on substance, unfocus on noise.

  4.  To be reliable

  5.  Delivery of commitments on time.

  6. Do market research, find the gaps and modify your idea if necessary.

  7.  Planning is the key

  8. Don’t be afraid of failures, mistakes can happen, learns from it. It gave us an overview of how entrepreneurship is already a part of our lives and that we should go for it if we have the passion and mindset

Sales from her Perspective

26th November, 2020

Resource Person:​  Ms. Vengamma Meram, Business Development Manager at Hats-off Digital Marketing

Alumni 2020 3.jpg

This guest lecture was conducted in the form of an interview. Our resource person Ms. Vengamma Meram, Business Development Manager at Hats-off Digital Marketing, and more importantly, our alumna candidly spoke about her experiences in Sales and the skills and attributes required to build a career in Sales.


The questions asked by the interviewer, Ms. Bindiya attempted to invoke our speaker’s responses in the direction of Sales as a career option, the importance of planning for completion of sales targets, productivity, and performance in Sales. This webinar also busted certain strongly held-myths about sales

Alumnae Meet 2019

A Day when Memories were Relived

9th March, 2019

Reunion celebration of our alumni started with their warm welcome in our traditional way with ‘Aarti and Tilak.’ It then moved on to the fun part where a couple of games were played, and they were subsequently invited on the dance floor to groove to the music.


To add value to an already existing practical knowledge base of our alumni, we invited Mr. J M Kaul, Ex-Managing Director at Dresser-Rand to talk on ‘Ingredients for Sustained Success’: Leadership, Self-improvement, Importance of Team work and proud ownership of one’s product/services. With high energy and a pepped-up environment after Mr. Kaul’s talk, we proceeded to distribution awards for the titles of: ‘Budding Corporate Star’ awarded to Ms. Sreevidya Kurup and ‘Entrepreneur with Mettle and Mind’ awarded to Ms. Bhargavi Chhabra. We ended this evening with a scrumptious dinner.

Why not start Small?

24th July, 2019

Resource Person: Ms Gurdayal Kaur Panjwani, Northern Operating Services 

Alumni 2019.jpg
Alumni 2019 1.jpg

Ms. Gurdayal, with 6 years of experience in various roles of HR gave a small talk to all our students making them understand the importance of starting from a small organization or starting a small role as perceived by students of MBA. She, in a very structured manner conveyed this idea to the students starting with how she started her career as a ‘Recruiter’ in WNS, moving to Credit Suisse and then, to Northern Operating Services, she then moved on to a comparative analysis between working with a small organization and a big organization and ended her talk with a ‘Question-Answer’ session with the students.

Millennials, Gen Z and the changes they bring to the Workplace

28th September, 2019

Resource Person: Ms Karishma Kashikar, Senior Executive for Employee Branding at Springer Nature

Alumni 2019 2.jpg

Senior executive for Employee Branding at Springer Nature and our alumna, Ms Karishma Kashikar took a different and a very relevant approach to explaining the concept of ‘Work Ethic’ and how to build it.


She addressed this concept in context of Millennials and Gen Z by stating the facts and figures relating to this mix of the population and breaking certain misconceptions that Gen X has about Millennials/Millennials have about the Gen Z. Towards the end of this session, she also stated couple of priceless corporate lessons she gathered in her past work experience.

Hold Their Hands and Lead Them to Success

5th November, 2019

Resource Person: Ms Steffi Gard, Senior HR Recruiter at eClerx

Alumni 2019 3.jpg

Ahead of the recruitment drive at eClerx, Ms Steffi Gard, Senior HR Recruiter at eClerx and our alumna was invited to set the perspective of our students right in terms of what is expected out of an Associate at eClerx and where is it, that eClerx as an organization stands.


She laid out the expectations in terms of knowledge, its practical application, and the flexibility required of the prospective candidates. Ms Steffi further shared her journey of career and how each experience helped her to reach where she is today.  Ms Steffi displayed how alumni play an important role in hand-holding for the current students so that they succeed in their respective careers.

Understanding the Subtle Hints

16th January, 2019    

Speaker: Ms. Srividya Nair

What happened when I chose Interdependence over Independence?

8th November 2019

Speaker: Ms. Ritika Lulla

On how not working after MBA affected her life

Preparation is the Key

15th November, 2019    

Speaker: Ms Namrata Bhansali

Selling' is constant   

7th August, 2019

Speaker: Ms Sreevidya Kurup,

No matter what role you are into, Selling is the constant

Alumnae Meet 2018

 World Entrepreneurship Day - Joy of being an Entrepreneur

21st August, 2018

World Entrpreneureship Day.jpg

Ahead of World Entrepreneurship Day on the 21st of August 2018, we organized a session and a felicitation programme to celebrate our young and budding entrepreneurs and their success. These entrepreneurs are our alumni who have successfully turned their passion into a business venture.


The programme spanning over three hours saw the entrepreneurs sharing their entrepreneurial journeys and pearls of wisdom with the students. They left the staff and students inspired and truly charged. They were all felicitated with a trophy and a certificate at the hands of our Director, Dr. B. H. Nanwani.

Ms. Yashika Chowdhary, Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist

Yashika Alumni 2018.jpg

A MAC-certified professional Hair Stylist and Makeup artist, Yashika specializes in bridal make-up and has her hand in Photo shoots, Magazine shoots, and Fashion shows. She is also a beauty blogger and teaches make-up. She has been awarded amongst the top 5 make-up artists in Pune and has been interviewed for an article in ‘Magazine De Mode.’ She has also taught make-up to a few participants in Sydney. A symbol of courage, Yashika left her highly-paying managerial job in an MNC to achieve her entrepreneurial dream.

Ms. Rashida Abbas, Alira Enterprise

Rashida Abbas.jpg

A homemaker, a mother, a key relationship manager, and yet a successful entrepreneur, Rashida Abbas manages her online business along with her husband. They deal in Electronics and Accessories.  for the same. Starting with only mobile covers, and now now offering a variety of electronic goods and their accessories in less than a year has been her biggest achievement. Rashida very smartly utilized the corporate contacts she had made during her tenure at ICICI to promote and further her business.

Ms. Radhika Pandit, Virgo Webs

Radhika Pandit.jpg

A very young enthusiast in the field of Marketing Communications, Radhika Pandit started with a designing agency named Virgo Webs, operational for the last 3 years. This agency is a partnership between 3 women, Radhika being the Director. They provide designing solutions to businesses in the form of content writing for their promotional initiatives, making videos as per the client’s requirements, and photography. Her agency has to its credit, an experience of serving clients like Cummins, SKF, and Piaggio.

Ms. Bhargavi Chhabra, BruCo’s

Bhargavi Chhabra.jpg

Owner and Managing Director at BruCo’s venture into catering, Bhargavi is at the threshold of touching 1 crore turnover this year. Managing 12 employees and amalgamating all her love for cooking, she caters to the food needs at various events, and tiffin requirements of students and bachelors. She says, her biggest achievement, is that of her venture being featured on the top when ‘BruCo’ is searched for, on Google. Approaching people on the streets of Viman Nagar, Pune, to try the food cooked by her, she started with tiffin service, charging only Rs. 3000 per month. This lady, however, does not stop here and is now planning to start a food blog of her own, she also takes an interest in other budding entrepreneurs and assists them wherever she can.

Corporate Grooming

10th September 2018

Resource Person: Ms. Yashika Chowdhary, Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist

Alumni 2018 2.jpg
Alumni 2018 3.jpg

 The importance of proper grooming and professional appearance cannot be over-emphasized; more so for MBA students raring to enter the corporate world. Given this, Ms. Yashika Chowdhary was invited to break certain myths about personal make-up and dressing for the workplace.


Having worked in an MNC for 5 years and an experience of 2.5 years in the make-up industry, Ms. Yashika stood out perfectly in guiding our students on how a lady should present herself in the corporate set-up to boost her confidence and be perceived as a decent and effective employee.

Being recognized as 1 of the top 5 make-up artists in Pune and amongst the top 10 wedding make-up artists in India, Yashika gave a demonstration of her make-up skills and provided solutions to the personal doubts of our students. It made us proud to have our alumni carry out this session in a creative and interactive way.

The Leap from Campus to Corporate

20th December, 2018

Resource Person: Ms. Gurdayal Kaur Panjwan, HR Analyst, & Ms. Deepa Walimbe HR Admin, Northern Trust Corp.

Leap from campus.jpg
Leap from campus 2.jpg

A battle is already half won when you are well prepared for it! Hence, we decided to provide our HR students with an interface with the experts to draw from their experience and smoothly sail through the waters of corporate interviews.


We invited Ms. Gurdayal Kaur Panjwani, our alumna and an HR analyst, and Ms. Deepa Walimbe, an HR Admin, Talent Acquisition from Northern Trust Corporation to assist our students in preparation for the interview at a top-notch organization. By sharing their insights and experiences in the area of recruitment, they addressed the queries relating to a recruiter’s responsibilities, challenges encountered and how to overcome them, how to tap the sources of recruitment, and certain special strategies that are used by them as top-notch recruiters.

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