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Parents' Perspectives on SVIMS

Steffi Souz ‘s Parents

"Every buddy needs fresh air to blossom into a beautiful flower. SVIMS provided that freshness to our daughter. The life of our daughter before her MBA was easygoing. There wasn’t much botheration about studies and deadlines, she was still in her cocooned shell, still dependent on us. But during my MBA that changed. Now she had to work in teams and try and match others in her abilities. That’s when we noticed the change in her and the small nuances of MBA life. We saw her become more responsible and confident in facing her challenges. SVIMS not only helped her develop and grow professionally but even triggered spirituality in her, for which we will always be grateful to the college.

Today she has a job of her own and she is an independent person in her way and this makes us the proudest parents."

Anjali’s Grandfather Mr. D. T. Thakur

"My greetings and good wishes to the Director Dr. B. H. Nanwani and the complete staff of SVIMS.My granddaughter Anjali Thakur though a brilliant student has learnt character, integrity, reverence, good values, and positive attitude from the Total Quality staff of SVIMS.

I wish them all the very best in the future and be the Leader in the line of MBA institutes."

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