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National Tourism Day: Colours of India

25 January 2022

Judge:Ms Ami Adodariya,Ms Rutuja Parkhi, Ms Mitali Ukey,Ms Nikita Wankhede

To celebrate the diversity that our nation offers, we organised two competitions on National Tourism Day.One was where the students were asked to dress up in a traditional attire of any culture they choose to and say a line in the language of that culture. While the other competition required the participants to upload a travel VLOG. A total of 28 students participated in the competitions. Ms Mitali Ukey from MBA Part I and Ms Anuja Jagdale from MBA Part II won the first competition while, Ms Rutuja Parkhi and Ms Mitali Ukey from MBA Part I and Ms Nikita Wankhede, Ms Ami Adodariya from MBA Part II won the second competition on creation of VLOG.

This celebration led to appreciation of diverse cultures that we have and experience all its colours.

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