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Matribhasha Divas

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Judge:Mr. Aok Kumar Rout,Ms. Falak Baig,Ms. Sunita Sethi ,Ms. Damini Majhi, Ms. Kanizfatema Khan.

11.15 am
Platform and
Along with Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Institute of Information Technology & Management Sciences, Rourkela, Odisha, SVIMS organized Matribhasha Diwas – Mother Language Day
To promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism among the Students.
11:20AM Introduction of the Program
11:25AM Student Performances
12:00PM Poetry Competition
12:15 PM Quiz (Open for all)
12:25 PM Vote of Thanks
UNESCO in 1999, declared 21st February of every year to be celebrated as International Mother Language Day. The significance of this day is to promote our mother language and create awareness of linguistic and
cultural traditions and diversity across the world and to inspire solidarity amongst people of different cultures, speaking different languages. The program commenced with the address by Prof. Rosy Soren. Ms. Falak Baig, Secretary, Student Council, SVIMS and shMr. Aok Kumar Rout, DAMITS, were the Master of Ceremony for the event. Following students gave wonderful performances in various languages to bring out the diversity in India.
1) Ms. Sunita Sethi – Sambalpuri Folk Song (DAMITS)
2) Ms. Damini Majhi- Odia Song (DAMITS)
3) Ms. Deepali Chanchlani-Sindhi (SVIMS)
4) Ms. Kanizfatema Khan-Arabic (SVIMS)
5) Ms. Ankita Sahoo- Odia (DAMITS)
6) Ms. Ashwini Raj- Bhojpuri/Magadhi(DAMITS)
7) Ms. Athira Nair- Malayalam(SVIMS)
8) Ms. Jyotika Makhija- Sindhi (SVIMS)
9) Mr. Amit Pal- Punjabi(DAMITS)
10) Mr. Nalli Anirudh Raj – Telugu(DAMITS)
11) Ms. Ami Adodariya-Gujarati(SVIMS)
12) Ms. Abinaa Fatimson-Tamil Song (SVIMS)
13) Ms. Sahista S-Malayalam(DAMITS)
14) Ms. Nibedita Behera- Bengali(DAMITS)
15) Ms. Hemal Naik- Konkani(SVIMS)
16) Ms. Muskan Agrawal- Hindi (DAMITS) The next segment was Poetry Competition – wherein SVIMS students recited a poem in Oriya, whilst DAMITS students recited a poem in Marathi. Students from SVIMS reciting poem in Oriya were -
1) Ms. Salomi Gore
2) Ms. Mahima Sachdev Students from DAMITS who recited poems in Marathi were –
1) Ms.Nibedita Meher
2) Mr. Amit Pal
3) Ms. Ashwani Raj
4) Ms. Arundhati Mishra
This was the highlight of the event as we saw students enthusiastically trying to get the diction right and students correcting each other. The judges for the Poetry Competition were Ms. Vaishali Patil, Asst Prof, SVIMS and Dr. Shakuntala Gupta, DAMITS Lastly a quiz was conducted on this occasion to test the
knowledge of students regarding various languages prevalent in India. The enthusiastic participation of 152 students and faculty made this event a memorable one

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