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International Day of Peace

21 September 2021

Judge:Ms Shama Hussain,Ms. Mansi Dholakia,Ms. Shweta Tiwari,Ms. Amrita Dhillon

Day & Date
Tuesday, 21st September 2021
10:00 to 12:30
Microsoft Teams
Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The UN General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, through observing 24hours of non-violence and cease-fire.
In 2021, as we heal from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are inspired to think creatively and collectively about how to help everyone recover better, how to build resilience, and how to transform our world into one that is more equal, more just, equitable, inclusive, sustainable, and healthier.
The 2021 theme for the International Day of Peace is “Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world”. Keeping in line with the theme, SVIMS celebrated International Peace Day on 21st September , 2021.
10:00 am to 10:05 am
Inaugural Prayer
10:05 am to 10:10 am
Dada J P Vaswani’s Talk on Peace
10:10 am to 10:15 am
Introduction to International Day of Peace (United Nations)
10:15 am to 10:20 am
Introduction to the Keynote Speaker
10:20 am to 10:50 am
Pre-recorded video by Ms Shama Hussain (Country Director, United Nations Peacekeepers Federation Council)
10:50 am to 11:00 am
Bio Break
11:00 am to 11:05 am
Introduction to Panel members
11:05 am to 12:25 pm
Panel Discussion on “A Creative March Towards a Resilient World”

Panel Members
1. Ms. Mansi Dholakia, Founder and Chairperson, GMH Foundation. United Nations speaker.

2. Ms. Shweta Tiwari, IPS

3. Mr. Rakesh Ganguli, Gender Equality Consultant, UNEP
12:25 pm to 12:30 pm
Vote of Thanks and National Anthem

The program was started with a prayer, as is the tradition of SVIMS. A Video on Peace by our Rev. Dada J P Vaswani was played for the attendees. Following this, a video message by UN Secretary General on International Day of Peace was played. These two videos set the tone for the program further. Keynote Speaker Dr. SHAMA HUSSAIN - Founder Director & CEO of International Institute of Influencers, Oman
The key points of the session were
 To bring out transformation you need to bounce back from any situation.
 If there is no transformation, there is no evolution.
 In today’s world building resilience is of key importance.
 Examples of Bajaj and HMT watch to explain how they reached the stage of extinction and what could have been done to sustain business and keep the graph of success accelerated.
 Formula of E + R = O where, E means the events that occur, R is the response we give, and the result O is the outcome.
 Events will occur and we can’t control them, but a pessimist response is important.
 Change needs to be brought from within no one else can do it for you.
 Spreading wings is important to understand how far you can fly and extend your limits.
Panel Discussion
Ms. Mansi Dholakia, Founder and Chairperson for GMH Foundation, India
 Being a Women Resilience is something that is being tested every day.
 She discussed the challenges women face by giving her personal experiences.
 She herself was in a state of anxiety and depression for 10 years, but her passion and dream made her work towards success.
 Dreams are endless and that is the reason you need to build resilience.
 Maintaining and controlling emotions as a woman is an ultimate test of resilience since women are more sensitive and liable of emotions and this comes as a hurdle in the path of success.
 Difficulties, obstacles and personal issues are a part and parcel of life, we need to understand how to deal with them because as a woman understanding and managing emotions is what we can do.
 SDGs can be achieved when a woman is empowered, finding gaps in the process and working on them is essential. Ms. Shubhra Tiwari, Commandant, 6th India Reserve Battalion, India
 Was a policy and planning officer for peacekeeping operations in Italy.
 Developed resilience by day-to-day policing activities.
 Resilience is a combination of 2 contradictory qualities, Resistance and Flexibility.
 Police work is physically and mentally demanding. Always more exposed to volatility and complexity.
 They were never trained to handle situations like pandemic and suddenly people were put on duty at places away from home and couldn’t get leaves easily.
 Resilient people have positive outlook to every situation.
 They have solid goals and maintain healthy relationships and never bow to peer pressure.
 Never think of yourself as a victim. You can’t control what others think about you but change the way youthink about yourself, change the way how you think about negative situations and bad events.
 Choose your response because your reaction is important.
 Never lose your perspective. Nothing is perfect your attitude to it is an important thing.
 Never be judgmental always have the flexibility to manage crisis in your life Ms. Amrita Dhillon, Co-Founderand Chief Editor of The Kootneeti, Singapore
 Resilience is a very wide topic and is there in everyone’s life.
 Women need to show more resilience.
 Today that we talk about feminism, equality and gender issues is also because of the resilience we and our mothers and grandmothers did during their time.
 She shared her experiences when she entered the field of research in geopolitics how resilient she was for doing it despite all the oppositions she got.
 Your career choices should be your decisions and not someone else’s.
 Your resilience is important, what people say and who support you is just something that give you an edge.
 She shared her experience of resiliency during her pregnancy when she came back to India.
 Don’t think of what resilience is, take your small steps with confidence and plan your journey towards success. The platform was then open to discussions with the speaker and moderated by Dr. Smita Iyer, bringing in more value and life to the theme. It is more important to understand resilience first and thenapply it to the life and living, as every living being has shown resilience at their own levels. Link for
the session:-

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