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NSS Special CAMP 2022, Kelgaon


10th March, 2022


We meet our collaboration college Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research. In the evening we divided ourselves into 9 groups. There were 5-6 students in each team from both colleges. We had dinner at 9:00 pm and wrapped up with a prayer. We played ice-breaking games to know each other and instead of 2 individual colleges, we should be one NSS unit for this special camp.


NSS Special Camp Day 2

11th March, 2022

Kelgaon, Pune

Today we went to Grampanchayt and Zilla Parishad School Kelgaon. The team conducted a rally to create awareness for “Save the Girl Child”. The students walked through the village with posters playing dhol and singing the slogans.

The inauguration ceremony of the camp was held in the afternoon with the eminent officials of the gram panchayat, Dr.A. B. Dadas director of Wadias, Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade, HOD SVIMS, and the students and the faculty members of both colleges respectively.

After a simple but delicious meal in the afternoon, the students prepared for the cultural program and performed the same in the evening.


NSS Special Camp Day 3

12th March, 2022

Kelgaon, Pune

Today in the early morning we went to Khandoba temple which is located on a hill in Kelgaon. Performed street play about the clean India, Save our Heritage, Plastic free India and involved the people who were there for exercise. There we did cleaning, tree plantation, and tree watering activities. After having a simple and delicious meal prepared by students, we had a guest lecturer on women's hygiene and health awareness at Kelgaon. At night we had dinner and played some games like douche ball and throw ball.


NSS Special Camp Day 4

13th March, 2022

Kelgaon, Pune

Early in the morning,  we started with yoga, exercises, and a morning walk. We organized a health checkup and awareness camp by Ms. Rupali Mahajan from 24 True Well Forever.

Next, we undertook a health survey and villagers actively took part in the health awareness camp.

Dr. Divya Lakhani- Cost Accountant, conducted a financial literacy program for the residents of Kelgaon, Alandi, and taught them about the various investment opportunities available and the risk and return relationship of various investment instruments.

Dr Vikas Dole conducted a session on agricultural marketing services and government support available for villagers.

In the evening we played games and ended the day with prayers.


NSS Special Camp Day 5

14th March, 2022

Kelgaon, Pune

After the regular exercises Today, we started with a free dental checkup for the villagers. Two dentists, Dr. Neha and Dr Vibha Vaswani patiently took up the dental checking and answered queries from the children and adults.

In the evening, Mr. Manoj Chavan, a great musician, and Mr. Rahul Shinde, a freelancer, and choreographer associated with the great Remo D Suza took a mind-blowing session on “Music and Dance for stress management”. The students learned to play Djembe and to dance.

In the evening we carried out a cleaning drive at Mumbai Maratha Fruitwala Dharmashala, Alandi, and performed role play for awareness of plastic-free India and a clean environment.

Our student Arti Shendge’s father Mr. Balasaheb Shendge, an industrialist visited the NSS camp in the evening and motivated students.

After dinner, we played badminton and threw the ball and ended the day with prayer.


NSS Special Camp Day 6

15th March, 2022

Kelgaon, Pune

This day started with an early morning walk which was a blessing for the whole day. Then we interacted with the students of ZP school and taught them to dance, sing, draw, paint, and play mind games with them. These activities helped the students to boost their confidence.

In the afternoon NSS scout member Dr. Nana Shejwal, Nodal Officer, NSS SPPU, and faculty members AISSMS COE, Pune, and Mr. Balasaheb Devikar, PO NSS, Moze College, Pune motivated us for social works, aspect of NSS work as a management student. In the evening we arranged cultural and educational activities for women and students of Kelgaon. Cultural competitions like mehndi and rangoli were held for women in the village. We ended our day with NSS prayers.

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NSS Special Camp Day 7

16th March, 2022

Kelgaon, Pune

This was the last day of our NSS camp. We organized a free eye check-up camp by Dr. A B Kale, KK Eye Institute, Sadhu Vaswani Medical Complex, Pune in the Kelgaon village. After the eye check-up,  we arranged a valedictory function of 7 days NSS camp held from 10th March to 16th March. Dr. Prabhakar Desai- Director of NSS SPPU, Pune, Ms. Dipali B. Warule-President Madat Welfare Trust, and Dr. Vinita Aapte- TERRE Founder Director were chief guests in the valedictory function. The students gave speeches, and the guests motivated our students. Then we left back to our colleges as soon as the valedictory function finished.

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