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Human Values and Professional Ethics

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Values For Life

31st October, 2019

As part of the Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Celebration, observed on 31st October 2019, the students, faculty members, and administrative staff members celebrated the 144th birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel with full zeal and a spirit of nationalism. A documentary film on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel covering his life journey and his contributions towards making “United India” was shown. The objective was also to spread the message of unity and integrity. Later one took the Integrity Pledge with an emphasis on abiding by ethical practices and supporting a national campaign against corruption.

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Hazards of immersion of Ganesh idols in Water bodies

5th October 2018


One of our very creative alumna, Ms. Shree Vidya Kurup was invited to one of our Sanctuary sessions to share a poem written by her. This poem had an underlying social objective of sensitizing the students about the hazards of immersion of Ganesh's idols in water bodies. The poem written by her beautifully unfolded with her loving emotions for God and then moved on to the negative impact of having an idol of God not worshipped but, entertained. The recitation of the poem was then followed by a discussion among all our students and our dear speaker

Sanctuary – Art of Living Course 

Living Our Mission and Vision

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At SVIMS, Value education focuses on character building and we walk the talk in a special session every day called the Sanctuary, which is largely student-centric and participation-oriented. Students take turns to organize the sessions, in which they devote time to discussing ethical issues and dilemmas related to workday life in the corporate and academic world, and spirituality in daily life and the organization. In the words of Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani, we emphasize the idea that “Reverence is the root of education and Service is the fruit of Education”. We aim to instill in the students the spirit of ‘sewa’ or service to the community.

The students not only take an active interest in their Sanctuary but enjoy their roles and responsibilities as organizers/participants in the sanctuary sessions. They have also created their own Sanctuary Facebook Page through which they share their views and responses to issues raised in the Sanctuary.

The institute has a vision to create ethical and effective corporate women leaders. With this vision in mind, SVIMS focuses on using Sanctuary to promote:

1. Ethics and Human Values

  • Character Building

  • Respect

  • Humanity

2. Effectiveness

  • Leadership

  • Communication,

  • Decision Making

  • Personality Development

  • Teamwork

Feedback about the Sanctuary from our students is extremely positive. Year on year, students credit Sanctuary for: 

1. Character Building: Helping them become sensitive and good human beings

2. Promoting Ethics and Human Values: Enhancing spiritual quotient, promoting unity, integrity, peace, and love and in general making them sensitive about contributing to society

3. Personality Development and Social Skills: Developing social skills, confidence, enhancing ability to deal with issues of life in general, and willingness to strive for excellence

4. Decision Making: Ability to make own decisions, confidently talk to people at higher levels at home, and outside, and be assertive when required

5. Attitude Development: Inculcating a positive attitude to life and work, being a principled and ethical employee, developing qualities of discipline, dedication, and commitment to work, and ability to deal with complex and difficult issues in the workplace)

Sanctuary Syllabus

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