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Change Management and Leadership

14 October 2019

Resource Person: Ms. Pradnya Kulkarni, Regional Head-Talent and Learning, Western Union

The session started with a beautiful video on Sandpiper where the message was “The key to change is to accept the change and adopt new methods to incorporate it. Ms. Kulkarni informed students about “FIT” the strategy which stands for Focus on change, Improve your attitude towards it and Transform your actions towards the change. During the Change process/phase the role of leaders becomes very critical; the leader has to communicate effectively to get a buy-in and encourage participation.
Ms. Pradnya also enlightened the students on the “Change Curve” which covers Anticipation, Letting Go, Disorientation, Reappraisal, and Recommitment. She explained the change curve by giving the examples from organizations like Kodak, Nokia, Yahoo and, XEROX. The take away from her session was that one should never resist any change, always observe, do not be a carrier of rumors, be adaptive and be a reason for a positive change

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