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The Application of Labour Laws in Manufacturing Sector

24 August 2019

Resource Person: Mr. Pravin Bhosale, HR, Forbes Marshal

The talk began with a brief mention of the unfortunate Bhopal gas tragedy which, Mr. Bhosale attributed to a gross violation of safety norms stipulated under the Factories Act, 1948. He emphasized that machinery and plant layout significantly impact industrial safety and attention must be paid to this aspect.

The talk continued with some elaboration on the importance of conciliation and arbitration during an industrial dispute, by mentioning a few cases from MIDC Pune. These mentions implied that the conflicts which arose during those disputes could have been handled with enough care and consideration to avoid unfavorable outcomes. He shed light on the important sections which are applicable to the manufacturing industries from The Minimum Wages Act 1936, and The Payment of Wages Act, 1948. Abiding by these simple sections ensures an overall positive outset within the industry.

Towards the end, he mentioned that it is important for the inspectors and labour officers to follow the labour laws with utmost diligence. Negligence may turn out to be catastrophic.

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