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Table Service Etiquettes

18th June, 2022

An interactive Staff Development programme on ‘Table service etiquettes’ was held on 18th June 2022 for Teaching, Admin and Support staff.

It was organized in collaboration with Suryadatta group of Institute’s Hotel Management; the session was conducted by Mr. Pratik Satpute.

The workshop commenced by the speaker informing the staff about the importance of the first 40 seconds of one’s body language as that leaves a lasting impression on the minds of guests. He also demonstrated the various types of greetings. He explained to the staff about the various courses in a continental meal namely starter/appetizer, soup, pasta /rice, salad, main course and finally the dessert along with the sequence of serving the food. He labelled the tableware namely the cutlery, crockery, glassware, and tissue paper. He also explained about the silver ware, used in the food industry.

The speaker shared guidelines on dining serving etiquette, including the décor used during dining. Further, he explained the service type – Pre plated Service and Table service. Rules for preparing table – Forks always go to the left, while water glass and spoons are on the right. While serving always serve from right side of the guest, how to prepare a service plate, how to serve using tongs or fork & spoon, how to clear the table before serving dessert, etc.

A practical session of food serving followed, wherein staff had a hands-on experience of demonstrating what they had learnt in the session.

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