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Professional Etiquettes at Workplace

19th November, 2021

Mr. Chetan Bharadia, Freelance Trainer

Emphasizing the importance of the program, Mr. Chetan spoke about the need to improve professional etiquette as they have a positive impact on personal and institutional behaviour. It is important to build an attitude that is empathetic of others’ needs and feelings. This behavior leads to good manners and common courtesy, thereby improving your etiquettes.

He also spoke about the courteous behavior that includes:

  • Using please and thank you as appropriate

  • Addressing others using Mr., Mrs., Miss, or Ms. unless otherwise requested

  • Speaking clearly and distinctly while using a pleasant tone of voice

  • Maintaining eye contact

  • Smiling and offering a firm handshake when meeting someone new

  • Writing thank-you notes and letters of appreciation, congratulation, and condolence as appropriate


He also spoke about the research papers, writing emails etc., with admin staff telephone calls, face to face speaking, handling students’ grievances and requirements, with office support staff regarding greeting, eye contact, service skill (asking and serving water, tea, snacks, etc.).

The training program concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Sonali Joshi to all the attendees

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