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Workshop on Capital Markets (NISM-SEBI)

15th to 17th September, 2021

A three-day workshop was organized by Kotak Securities under its CSR initiative in association with NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets) on Financial education for young citizens

He covered topics such as Importance of Investment , Financial Investment Opportunities , Process & Pre-requisites to invest in Securities Markets ,Investment in Primary Markets , Investing in Secondary Markets , Introduction to Mutual funds and ways to invest in them , Precautions while investing in Securities Markets ,Career in Securities Markets with practical examples of Kotak securities. He gave the following useful tips on savings:

  • Savings are not done once; save regularly

  • Spend less to save more; record your expenses

  • Save to avoid debt

  • Save and invest first and spend later

  • Classify Expenses in Need and Want

Further, he explained points to remember for new investor: 

  • Read all documents in KYC carefully before signing.

  • Select the Segment and Stock Exchange on which you wish to trade by affixing your signature instead of a Tick mark or YES. Strike off whichever is not opted.

  • Sign on the Tariff Sheet.

  • Select / Unselect Online Trading Option.

  • Power of Attorney (PoA) should only be given to access your accounts to the extent of the obligation. No POA to be given to trade on your behalf.

  • Policies, Procedures, Brokerage Rates, Other Charges vary for every Stock Broker.

  • Investors have to sign only on one document while opening any account and are supposed to submit KYC documents only once.

  • Give your own email id/mobile number while submitting the KYC documents.

  • Please remember that no one can guarantee assured returns in the securities market.

The students, faculty, and staff took positive key takeaways from the workshop, especially the women faculty, with the hope of planning their finances better.

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