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Building your Image as a Leader and Establishing your Leadership in HR

Resource Person: Lt Col Alok

Building your Image as a Leader and Establishing your Leadership in HR

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Lt Col Alok spoke about how his childhood, his college life and his life in Army added to his leadership lessons. Few examples and lessons he spoke about were:

1.How staying in a joint family taught him to coordinate with people of different kinds. He adapted this lesson in his work life to sort out the conflicts and accept differences in opinions.

  1. He could not get through IIT and his family could not afford to pay for donation. But that gave him the strength to achieve basis his own capabilities. This experience also led him to think big, take baby steps towards achieving the dream of leading a team of employees and leading an entire department. It was at this point that he had decided that he will not settle for anything lesser than a leadership position and achieved it in due course of time. One point he emphasised on was: Do not overemphasise your destination, enjoy your journey towards the destination.

  2. Every interaction he had with senior/junior/colleague taught him one lesson at a time.

  3. He said that, "do not get scared to make certain decisions and believe in yourself to live by them." 'Unleash your potential' is the mantra he gave us.

  4. He also mentioned about his Swimming lessons in Army. How he could not really swim until after 5 attempts but, took it bang on at the 6th attempt and learned it like a pro.

By sharing his early life, college life and his life in Army, he built it up to listing down the above lessons in Leadership. In his opinion, no matter in what field you are, skills and characteristics required for you to be a leader remain the same, which in his view are:

  1. Be prepared to take tough decisions

  2. Rise above the so-called failures and instead learn your lessons from them

  3. Believe in yourself and the decisions you take

  4. Enjoy the journey, destination might change with time

  5. Adapt quickly to the changing times

  6. Pick up new skills on your way up to the career ladder

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