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Emotional Intelligence

Resource Person: Dr. Niloufer Aga, Facilitator and Coach, Pragati Leadership

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a way to understand one’s own and other emotions and respond accordingly. It is a very sought-after life skill today in the corporate as also in personal life. The value and benefits of emotional intelligence are vast in terms of personal and professional success. The session on Emotional Intelligence is one such endeavor for students’ skill building.

Dr. Niloufer Aga, Facilitator and Coach, Pragati Leadership explained the concept and importance of Emotional Intelligence. She further explained the Daniel Coleman Four Quadrant Model of Emotional Intelligence – self-awareness, social awareness, self-regulation and social skills. She conducted various activities and gave many suitable examples so that the students could learn how they could analyse their own and other emptions and respond to these correctly. She conducted the joy meter activity which helped the students to analyse their emotions.

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