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Dealing with Distractions and Attaining Focus

Resource Person: Mr. Atul Pawar

Dealing with Distractions and Attaining Focus

Mr. Atul Pawar began the session with the examples of well-known sports personalities and the dedication with which they practice for hours at stretch to master their sports. This finally led them to be global icons and inspiration for  the young generation.

Mr. Pawar shared about what distractions mean, how they happen, mostly unintentionally, and the role of the environment in the same. He discussed about the types of distractions, the ways to increase focus, the four quadrant model of unlearning and re-learning to focus and the mantra to develop new habits.

He took the attendees on a meditative experiential journey, guiding them through their emotions to different situations and concluding his session with a seven minute meditation session.

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