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Careers in Finance

Resource Person: Mr. Sudhir Kulkarni, Career Counsellor SKPA, Pune

Careers in Finance

Mr. Kulkarni began with an advice don’t refuse jobs for frivolous reasons. He focused on some key factors which help in building a successful career path like being ethical and having faith in oneself. He emphasized on “Entrepreneurship” as a career prospect and how it is flourishing in India today. Further he focused on the statement “Dare to dream Big and achieve big.” He discussed various career prospects in Finance such as Logistics Management, Retail Management, Data Analytics, Private Equity, Information System Management, Management Consulting etc. Lastly, he stressed on Goal Setting and how one should have a goal in life to be successful.

He ended the session with this note, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."

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