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How to Build your Network on LinkedIn

Resource Person: Ms. Shweta Ojha, LinkedIn Growth Consultant and a Personal Branding Strategist.

How to Build your Network on LinkedIn

Ms Shweta Ojha, a LinkedIn Growth Consultant and a Personal Branding Strategist conducted this workshop.. She started with explaining the basics of LinkedIn network. For example, how are people in your network tagged basis whether they are in your immediate circle or are in network of those who are in your immediate circle. Similarly, she also mentioned that one can connect to a maximum of 3000 people and then people have the option to follow you. Then she spoke of the membership to LinkedIn Premium and how  a student can utilise the first month free subscription of this membership. Only after explaining the basics, did she move on to enlighten us with the pull and the push strategies of building and then growing the network.

Few of the ones that she spoke on, across the length and breadth of them are:

  1. Engage with people in your first circle of network

  2. Follow the rule of 1-2-3. Post once in a day, comment and engage with at least 2 posts in a day and personally engage with at least 3 people in your network.

  3. Even if you are sharing a photo/video from social media, customise it with your understanding or learning from it.

Her presentation covered every aspect of networking on LinkedIn so well that she answered majority of the questions in her talk itself. Students from a total of 36 institutions across Maharashtra participated in this workshop.

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