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International Yoga Day

19th June, 2023

Students of MBA and MCA

SVIMS celebrated International Yoga Day in association with Heartfulness Institute. The event was conducted for three days. The first day began with a brief introduction to the Theme for the Yoga Day Celebration namely, “Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.” It was followed by demonstration for exercises which could be done by the students while sitting on the chairs. The students followed the instructor and performed these chair exercises. These exercises helped them to reduce the tension on their neck, shoulder, spine and back and at the same time helped them to enhance their concentration. These exercises were followed by meditation and pranayama. The trainers explained the importance of pranayama through the Heartfullness way which involved the focus on Heart while breathing and performing Pranayama.

On the second day students learnt the importance of eating good food for a healthy lifestyle. The students learnt that cooked food should be eaten only once a day and the meal should ideally constitute more water and raw vegetables and fruits. The students then continued with leg and hands exercises and pranayama. They also learnt the cleansing activity of Meditation.

The International Yoga Day celebration culminated on 21st June 2023, the D Day. On this day students performed Surya Namaskar followed by meditation and Yoga. The event concluded with prayer and vote of Thanks.

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