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Sadbhavana Diwas

20th August, 2022

Participating Students

Ms. Sonali Joshi, faculty, welcomed the students, faculty and staff members for the event. She briefed the attendees about the importance of the day.

Ms.Arti Shendge, MBA I, shared some insight on Former Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, his efforts and work and his contribution in the development of New India.

Mrs. Harshali Bhalerao and Ms. Sonali Joshi then presented a short skit relevant to the occasion. The theme of the skit was ‘There is One God’. The skit was supported with PowerPoint presentation wherein the last slide had the logo of ‘Om’ that is exclusive to the Sadhu Vaswani Mission.  The significance of the logo is that it is made with the religious symbols of four religions eminent in India, thereby depicting oneness of our people and our country. The effort was appreciated by the Director and the attendees.

Ms. Adolphina Samuel and the attendees said the Sadhbhava Diwas Pledge, creating an atmosphere of reverence and togetherness. The event ended with a Vote of thanks by Ms. Isha Khandekar.

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