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Celebrating Regional Diversity: Traditional Attires of India

11th November

Students of MBA

We belong to a country rich in its heritage, culture, and traditions. All of these are reflected in our clothes, our food, our beliefs, and value systems as well as our homes. SVIMS held an activity to celebrate the oneness in these different and vibrant essence of India – to celebrate the Regional Diversity of our Country through its varied colorful attires. The students were asked to dress themselves in their traditional attires and share their pictures. Many of the girls participated in the event, bringing to life the hues of different states of India.

SVIMS has always believed in providing an inclusive environment with a focus on cultural and communal harmony. This activity was an initiative to touch upon the traditional India that lives deep in our modern generation, which is competitive, achievers, influencers, and global citizens. It was heartening to see these multi role players touch their roots, present themselves as confident and proud Indians.

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