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5th International Yoga Day

5th International Yoga Day

21st June, 2019

Resource Person: Ms. Deeplaxmi Ballal

The Institute observed the International Yoga Day by inviting Certified Yoga teachers and trainers from Kaivalya Dham. Ms. Deeplaxmi Ballal delivered a talk on “Yoga for Healthy & Happy Lifestyle” followed by Yogasanas. Ms. Deeplaxmi with her two volunteers taught different yoga postures like Vrikshasana, Trikonaasana, Bhadrasana, Bhujangasana, Pawana Muktaasana, finally ended with Pranayama and Meditation. Prayers were recited before and after the program. The program ended with an oath being taken by all the participants to practice Yoga every day to keep the bodies, minds and souls healthy and happy.
The session was attended by both students and staff of SVIMS. The participants felt enlightened and energetic after the session.

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