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13th August, 2020

Resource Persons:
Mr. Robin Banerjee (MD Caprihans India Ltd.)
Mr. Sapan Shrimal, Director Monk @ Work

Mr. Banerjee spoke about ‘positive attitude’ as being crucial for one’s success in life. He explained this by citing the example of Mr.Sachin Tendulkar and Mr. Vinod Kambli. 

He advised students to guard against procrastination and take ownership of their lives. He said, people must develop the habit of handling the most difficult parts/issues of their life rather than going in for easier problems first. Further he said management students should develop an entrepreneurial mindset and be prepared to look out for opportunities. He mentioned that Jack Ma had suggested a new type of intelligence –Love Quotient and each human being must develop the same. 

Mr. Sapan Shrimal, Director Monk @ Work 

While Mr. Banerjee spoke about what skills should a person have, Mr. Shrimal guided us on how can one develop these skills through ‘Mindfulness’. He took us to practical exercises of 

  1. Mindful Gym: Attention Muscles

  2.  Mindful Conversations: Poise

  3.  Mindful interception: Resilience 

He also enlightened us on 3 major limitations of our mind: Mind Wandering, Distraction Panic and Negativity.

 Each session had a Question and Answer Round.

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