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Online International Conference New Trends and Technologies in Digital Libraries

23rd September, 2021

Resource Persons: Dr. Nanaji Shewale
Dr. Nayana Wijayasundara
Mr. Manuja Karunaratne
Dr. Satish Kanamadi
Dr. Vrushali Dandawate
Dr. Vulappa Lingaiah

The conference was attended by 80 participants from within and outside India. The conference commenced with the inauguration and prayer, followed by the inspirational  words of our Revered Dada JP Vaswani. 

Dr. Nanaji Shewale:

He emphasized on essentials of building effective Digital Libraries such as focussing on service  needs and requirements, setting up hardware/services, installing and configuring software,  customizing the interface, training of the staff. Dr. Shewale gave vital insights on DSpace Open  Source Software and highlighted common challenges in Digital Libraries.    

Dr. Nayana Wijayasundara:  

In her session, she focused on literacy and lifelong learning and their significance in the  development of a country and the role of digital libraries in achieving these goals  

Mr. Manuja Karunaratne   

Mr. Karunaratne explained the importance of Digital library, policies, and procedures of setting  up digital library, challenges of future librarians and open access software in libraries.   

Dr. Satish Kanamadi:  

Dr. Satish Kanamadi, spoke on author identification system, its management and enhancement  of  visibility.  He outlined various author identification  systems  like Publons Researcher ID, SCOPUS, ISNI, VIVO, Google Scholar and Orchid with their  individual strengths and limitations.   

Dr. Vrushali Dandawate: 

The speaker covered Gold Route, Green Route, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ);  Online Learning Author Aid Programme, MERLOT, Social Science Archive and Stanford list  of open sources.  

Dr. Vulappa Lingaiah:

Dr. Lingaiah, discussed about the various types of digital libraries such as Institutional  repositories, Digital archives, meta data including the various aspects of digital reservation,  copyrights and licensing. He spoke about the popular open source solutions such as D space, E – prints, Fedora.

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