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National Education Policy 2020: Radical Or Rhetoric

8th August, 2020

Resource Persons:
Dr Nitin Karmalkar (Hon. VC - SPPU)
Dr Leena Wadia
Dr Vijay Joshi
Dr Niranjan Hiranandani
Dr. Manju Nichani

NEP: 2020 webinar started with a warm welcome of all panel members by Director Dr. B. H.Nanwani.

Dr Nanwani briefed the audience about the institute, NEP 2020 and handed over the session to the panellists by raising the question “Is National Education Policy 2020: Radical or Rhetoric?”

Dr. N. R. Karmalkar (VC SPPU) stressed on the need to restructure curriculum by introducing relevant and contemporary courses; there should be a healthy blend of subjects focussing on our traditional wisdom and current market requirements. 

Dr. Leena Wadia SR. Fellow (ORF) focused on the key elements of NCP-2020 for schools - Universalization of free and compulsory education for children between the ages of 3-18 years, new National Curriculum Framework, central role of teachers, School complexes and governance reforms. 

Dr. Vijay Joshi, RUSA, spoke about Transforming Indian Higher Education. He mentioned major challenges in the Indian Higher Education and how the NEP has designed Institutional Restructuring, liberalisation of education and making education multi-disciplinary in nature. 

Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, PROVOST, HSNC, brought out the need to make students ready for the real world. NEP would help to introduce the much needed Multidisciplinary research, Compulsory internships and the ability to change a career path by enrolling for additional courses. 

Dr. Manju Nichani, RECTOR, SVIL, spoke the need for considering the pivotal factor among all changes suggested in NEP – The Teacher. She spoke about training teachers, vocational training, skill development and regulation of salaries to teachers to fructify the reforms suggested in NEP. She highlighted issues related to privatisation of education, sensitivity towards different cultures and focusing not only on IQ and EQ but SQ (Spiritual quotient) as well.

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