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International Conference Rising in Love: Art and Science of Forgiveness

30th July, 2021

Resource Persons:
Didi Krishna, Working Chairperson, SVM
Swami Mukundananda (JK Yog)
Prof. Robert Enright, (Co-Founder International Forgiveness Institute)
Dr. Suzanne Freedman [ International Forgiveness Institute]
Mr. Arun Sehgal (CEO, Chempro Pharma)
Mr. Gauranga Das Prabhu (ISKCON)
Ms. Rucsi Sarbu, Soul Doula

Forgiveness and Empathy are today touted as 21st century ‘must have skills. SVIMS celebrated Rev. Dada J P Vaswani – its Founder’s Bday as the Global Forgiveness Day on 30th July. 

The Seminar began with a powerful guided meditation on Forgiveness by Rev Dada. 

Didi Krishna, Working Chairperson, SVM outlined the steps in the process of forgiveness as enunciated by B Dada and supported her talk with some humorous and insightful stories and anecdotes.

Swami Mukundananda (JK Yog) made a compelling case for forgiveness and how the same is in one’s own interest and helps in one’s own growth and progress. 

Prof. Robert Enright explained the Greek concept of Agape Love which makes forgiveness easier. He then explained the 4 steps of forgiveness – uncovering (anger) , deciding to forgive (shared humanity), Work phase, and deepening phase.

Dr. Suzanne Freedman spoke on the Psychology of Forgiveness (Interpersonal Relationships) 

She gave general guidelines for forgiveness: 

  1. Forgiveness is not for everyone. 

  2.  Interpersonal forgiveness is between people 

  3.  Forgiveness is a choice one makes for him or herself 

  4. Forgiveness takes time 

  5.  Forgiveness follows a deep, personal and unfair hurt. 

Mr. Arun Sehgal, spoke about Empathy and forgiveness as being New Age Business and Personal Skills. He averred that empathy and forgiveness are necessary for workplace effectiveness. 

Mr. Gauranga Das Prabhu gave wonderful examples from the Bhagwad Gita to bring home the point that God is pleased with and is benevolent towards those who forgive. 

Ms. Rucsi Sarbu, baased on the experiences of her healing sessions ‘one changes one’s immediate surroundings and field of energy when one intends to or when one forgives another person. ’ She stated a couple of common struggles that people face such as Self-Forgiveness and Self-loathing in the process of seeking and giving forgiveness.

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