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Digital Marketing Camp

23rd February, 2019

keynote speaker Mr. Sandeep, Mr. Sujay Khandge,Mr. Deepak Mankani, Ms. Latika Manaktala, Ms. Latika Manaktala, Mr. Ankit Shah, Mr. Keerthi Kadam, Ms. Anushree Sharma, Mr. Ashwani Paswan

A Digital Marketing Camp was organized at Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for girls in association with DMP Forum( Digital Marketing Practitioner Forum) founded in the year 2015. DMP Forum aims to equip Digital Practitioners with knowledge of latest tools, techniques and addressing the challenges in formulating effective digital advertising strategies. 

The first keynote speaker Mr. Sandeep spoke on “Mind of Digital Marketer” covering types of ‘digital marketers minds’, the way they think and what can benefit them. He also spoke about career aspects in digital marketing; effective campaigning and the trends in digital marketing. 

Mr. Sujay Khandge, spoke about Conversion Rate Optimization in digital marketing and its impact on business. He explained this by citing the example of increasing the number of visitors on the website and turning them into customers. 

Mr. Deepak Mankani spoke about Search Engine Optimization and AI– The future of search. He explained how the entire world of the digital marketer moves around the Search Engine Optimization and how Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in digital marketing.

Ms. Latika Manaktala shared secrets of growth through digital marketing. 

Mr. Ankit Shah discussed how Facebook can make miracles in E-Commerce. His discussions included a case study showing how different tools in Facebook can be used to increase the number of customers.

Mr. Keerthi Kadam shared his knowledge on digital networking and branding.

Ms. Anushree Sharma, enlightened the professionals on content marketing. She helped the audience in knowing how good content can be created for marketing. 

Mr. Ashwani Paswan gave an overview of digital marketing. 

Post lunch panel discussion was conducted by professionals who also answered the queries of the participants.

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