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World Consumer Rights Day

Dr. Kalpana Salunkhe

World Consumer Rights Day

15th March, 2023

World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated on March 15 in classroom 23 at noon. Staff members and students attended this extension activity.

This activity started with Prof. Sonali Joshi’s speech. In her speech, she said the day commemorates awareness of the world’s market injustices. It was an annual event that celebrated solidarity within the international consumer movement. She said that on this day, people worldwide support all consumers’ basic rights, demanding that those rights should be protected and respected and further denounced market injustices.

Ms. Jasmin Kandhari of MBA I talked about the history. She said US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the first world leader to discuss consumer rights on March 15, 1962. He addressed the issue of consumer rights and emphasized its importance. Then on March 15, 1983, this day was observed as World Consumer Rights Day’s first time, inspired by US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s address. Further, she continued that every year on this day, several organizations like ‘Consumer International’ celebrate the occasion by holding events and campaigns to safeguard consumer rights.

Ms. Varsha Nathani of MBA I expressed the significance of the day. She discussed the main objective of celebrating World Consumer Rights Day. She narrated that consumer did not subject to market exploitation or injustice. Otherwise, this would jeopardize their rights. Further, she discussed awareness creating among the consumers regarding their rights and how the rights should use in day-to-day lives.

Dr.Kalpana Salunkhe elaborated on the hook. She narrated on current year -2023 theme: “Empowering Consumers Through Clean Energy Transitions”. She expressed that the theme aimed to raise awareness of consumer empowerment and their role to push for a faster clean energy transition.

Ms. Sakshi Gandhi of MBA I concluded the event with a vote of thanks.

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