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Twinning Day

Dr. Kalpana Salunkhe

Twinning Day

2nd March, 2023

MBA and MCA students celebrated Twinning Day by teaming up with a peer as a twin or forming a group of three as a triplet. For this occasion, they dressed in similar outfits and accessories.

Ms. Abinaa Fatimson of MBA II extended a warm welcome to everyone and discussed the colleagues’ bonding and resemblance. To demonstrate the resemblance, students performed the Ramp Walk while dressed majestically.

MBA-II’s Ms. Gunjan Pamnani and Megha Talreja demonstrated their twinning style.

Neha Sharma and Merlin Martin wore matching outfits.

MBA II students Snehlata Patil, Mahima Sachdev, and Abinaa Fatimson presented their style in triplet.

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