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Panel Discussion

Ms. Bindiya Rangwani

Panel Discussion

15th February, 2022

Mr. Riaz Mulla, Global Head, Leadership Learning Services at TechMahindra and Ms Jyothideepa Micheal, Lead: Culture Training, leadership Learning Services at TechMahindra were invited for a virtual panel discussion. The two moderators, Ms. Bindiya Rangwani and Ms. Deepali Chanchlani posed questions on this topic to both the members. The discussion thus went from leadership team that the Ambanis are building to lessons in leadership from Mr. Anand Mahindra to Forbes’ reports on Leadership and the tips on leadership from Mr Mulla and Ms Micheal. Some of the important lessons and strong statements that came out of this discussion are:

  1. Look at criticism as a warning bell, an alarm.

  2. Utilise criticism to build yourself up rather than the criticism breaking you down.

  3. The role of the leader is to make sure that the technology is being used in the right way.

  4. Digital today is hygiene.

  5. Fail fast and learn fast.

  6. Be a learner for life.

  7. It is important for a leader to see around the corners.

  8. A special message for working women: Do not fall prey to limiting beliefs by the society.

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