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No Means No

Dr. Reshma Kadam

No Means No

20 January, 2023

Students presented a skit wherein a young woman after being selected for a job faces sexual harassment at her workplace. The Boss ogles at her with lustful eyes and touches her inappropriately.

He calls her in his cabin and asks her objectionable questions. When she resists, he reminds her about her poor economic condition and necessity of keeping the job.

The victim discusses the issue with her mother, who advises her to suffer in silence given their adverse circumstances.

After a month, the victim was promoted, and rumours started spreading about the affair between the boss and the victim. The victim however was terribly sad and gets into a depression. She contemplates committing a suicide. Her close friend and colleague confront her. The victim then talks about the sexual harassment she has been facing. The friend counsels her and convinces her to file a complaint. The victim does so, and the boss is imprisoned.

The enactment was much appreciated and ended with an explanation of forms of sexual harassment in offices, in buses, at bus stops, schools, and institutions etc and reasons why such incidents are not reported; laws that prohibit sexual harassment at workplace; ICC etc.

Finally, the skit was concluded by saying, “We have law, but you need to raise your voice and say No means No”.

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