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Need of a Sports Coach

Ms. Bindiya Rangwani

Need of a Sports Coach

18th January, 2022

Ms. Khyati Gulani, the coach for Delhi Women’s Cricket team addressed the audience on this topic. A summary of her entire talk is this:

  1. A coach needs to be first be a role model for her/his mentees

  2. Information with regards to the performance of the mentee, performance of their competitors and data from history plays a vital role in taking decisions for mentees

  3. Innovative methods and ways are to be discovered and implemented in tough times like that of Covid-19. Here, she stated the example of innovative way of working out in a small room by one of her mentees

  4. The 1st challenge and the 1st step of a coach is to build trustworthiness from her mentees

  5. Upskilling oneself is the most important trait that a coach needs to adopt

  6. A coach plays a role of mentor, counsellor to parents of mentees, a parent, an elder sibling, a teacher, and a friend at the same time/at multiple times. Juggling between these roles is often what a coach is required to do.

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