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Sonali Joshi


18th, January, 2023

A skit was performed by the students to bring about the theme of The Right Conduct towards menstruation.

The skit was about a young girl who gets her periods for the first time, about her mother and the grandmother. The skit beautifully depicted the innocence of the young girl child, the situation of the mother caught between her ‘grown’ up daughter and the diktats of the grandmother who has her set of beliefs regarding periods. The young girl, more than the physical pain, is going through the emotional and mental pain of being ‘ostracized’ by the family for those five days for no fault of hers; so much so that her mother too cannot help but follow the rules of the house.

The skit brought about many an emotion in the audience wherein the girls shared their experiences. Even today, those who hail from villages, face this treatment. They opined that it is embarrassing as everyone in the neighborhood get to know ‘woh baahar hai’. There is a dire need for menstruation to be treated as a normal phenomenon and also understand that even though women need rest during their periods, they are not invalidated or incapacitated to work.

Another student also addressed the concern of girls as young as the age of 8 or 9 getting their periods due to changing lifestyles. As such, there is now more need for early education for the girls as well as the boys regarding menstruation. There must be empathy and support rather than being treated as a victim or someone impure.

The skit was appreciated by all.

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