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Making Cloth Pads

Sonali Joshi

Making Cloth Pads

21st January, 2023

The workshop at Shantai Foundation was conducted to create awareness about cost effective and environment friendly option during menstruation – the cloth pads.

The list of material required for the workshop was shared well in advance with the coordinator at the Foundation so that the participants were ready with the material – Paper and pen, Scissor, Old towel, Old Cotton cloth, Needle and thread and Buttons. The participants were then guided by Ms. Pratiskha Punekar and other students of SVIMS as to the process of making cloth pads. There were a few mother-daughter duos who had turned up for the workshop. The participants were also informed about the advantages of using cloth pads, such as that they are cheaper than sanitary pads, they are more hygienic and cause less of health issues. The women could take it up as a home or a community business and be self-dependent. The day had been a fruitful one, giving a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

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