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Makar Sankranti Celebration

Ms. Bindiya Rangwani

Makar Sankranti Celebration

13 January, 2022

The objectives of this year’s Makarsankranti celebration were:

  1. To increase the awareness about Makarsankranti celebration across the country, how it is celebrated in different ways with different names in our country.

  2. To lift the spirits of all who were a part of this celebration.

A crossword puzzle was put up in the form of a competition. This crossword was based on the different rituals followed to celebrate Makarsankranti across India. Another competition was on mash-up of songs which had words like that of patang or kite. Language in which these songs were to be sung was not put up as a barrier. A total of 38 students and 14 teams participated in both the competitions.

The second segment of this programme was an interview with Ms. Parishweta Gulhane and Ms. Mansi Asnani who were recently detected Covid+. The aim of putting up this segment was for these students to share with all of us of how they managed to stay active and lively even in testing times of Covid stress around. This particular segment definitely lifted our spirits like a kite flies high in the sky.

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