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Learning How to Lose

Ms. Sonali Joshi

Learning How to Lose

5th February, 2022

  • SVIMS invited Mr. Amit Sathe, CEO and Founder of Inspire Co-Spaces in Mumbai interact with our students and share with them the need to learn to convert the adversities into a positive action.

  • The program began with a welcome speech by Ms. Sonali Joshi wherein she welcomed the guest speaker and all the attendees and. Ms. Kaniz Fatema Khan then introduced the guest speaker Mr. Amit Sathe mentioning about his achievements and varied fields of work.

  • Mr. Amit Sathe enthralled the audience with influential ideas on life, adversities, the silver lining to every cloud and finding your way, success and happiness through those adversities. He shared his own life incidences and experiences – weaving them through stories at every stage of life and the results, which mostly were of failure or losing. However, every such incident led to a new opportunity, which converted into success.

  • Mr. Amit Sathe stressed upon the need to keep working hard and pursuing the life goals, facing all the hardships, losses and failures in order to become a winner at the end of it all.

  • The young students could relate to him and during the Open House, interacted with him with their ideas and questions.

  • Ms. Bindiya Rangwani was invited to give a Vote of Thanks.  She appreciated story telling technique of sharing his life story and thanked the speaker for his valuable contributions. Mr. Sathe also offered to come to the Institute to conduct the nest part of the session if the students so desired.

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