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Human Rights: Poster Exhibition

Dr. Divya Lakhani

Human Rights: Poster Exhibition

2nd June, 2022

Human rights are basic rights that belong to all of us simply because we are human. They embody key values in our society such as fairness, dignity, equality and respect. They are an important means of protection for us all, especially those who may face abuse, neglect and isolation. 

Students of MBA I organized a Poster Exhibition on the theme of Human Rights. They were divided in groups of 5-6 students. Each group prepared a poster on chart paper using items from the newspaper grouped under these categories: 

  • Rights being practiced or enjoyed

  • Rights being denied

  • Rights being protected

  • Rights in conflict 

Besides this, they drew a tree on which they wrote those human rights that they thought people needed to live in dignity and justice (in the form of leaves, fruits, flowers, or branches) 

On the roots of the tree, they wrote those things that made human rights flourish.

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