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Expert Session by Dr Sneha Nagar

Prof. Harshali Bhalerao

Expert Session by Dr Sneha Nagar

28th August, 2023

  • Dr. Sneha Nagar, a renowned Gynecologist from Inlaks and Budrani Hospital interacted with new batch of MBA and MCA during the 12 Day Induction Program 2023 on the topic of Menstrual and Personal Hygiene for girls.

  • She first tried to remove the myth from the minds of the students that taking about sex and women issues is a taboo. She said as girls and women are hesitant to talk about these issues, and they remain unaware of various important facts like PCOD, infertility, sexual harassment, and other such matters.

  • She further added that due to changed lifestyle, eating habits and stress, girls are facing many problems like PCOD and infertility and other health issues related to menstruation and personal hygiene.

  • She further said that having knowledge about these problems, diagnosis and the treatment would help the girls take necessary precautions and steps towards their good health and well-being.

  • She educated the participants on issues like menstrual hygiene, sex and personal hygiene.

  • Dr. Sneha also warned the girls to be cautious about following influencers on various social media sites and asked them not to get carried away from such influencers. Many of these influencers are not qualified, still they give medical advice regarding girl and child health. Every student should get the facts clarified by expert and trusted doctors.

  • The session concluded with the Q&A session by the students.

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