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Cyber Crime Awareness

Dr. Reshma Kadam

Cyber Crime Awareness

10th January, 2023

Students presented three skits on the topic of cybercrime awareness.

The first skit dealt with how to exchange sensitive information. The transposition method was used by two girls in a skit to exchange information secretly. The purpose of this skit was to prevent cybercrime without disclosing any sensitive information.

The second skit addressed the cybercrime committed in shopping mall. The skit was about a young girl who went to a mall to buy groceries, about the hacker who was cashier and about two more strangers performed role in assisting hackers by giving hackers access to sensitive information of customer. After completing the purchase process, the young girl headed to the cashier to pay. She realized that she forgot her credit card PIN.   Then she called to her relative for assistance.  Relative revealed PIN over the phone verbally. Hackers are quietly watching the relative who learned the PIN on the credit card. At the same time, the cashier possessed the customer’s credit card and had obtained the PIN from hackers. As soon as the customer entered their PIN for their credit card, a hacker quickly stole money from it without the customer’s awareness. Students finally delivered the message “DO NOT SHARE SECRET INFORMATION TO ANYONE OVER PHONE”.

The third skit covered the cybercrime regarding educational loan. A student who applied for a educational loan was the subject of the skit, along with a bank employee who played a role of hacker and the student’s friend. The student applied for educational loan and discussing the same with her friend. She received a call from the bank at the same time informing her that her educational loan was authorized and requesting the OTP to continue the loan process. Her companion interrupts her just as she was ready to transmit an OTP to the bank employee. The friend remarked “BANK NEVER ASKS FOR OTP OR ANY SENSITIVE INFORMATION OVER PHONE”.

The skit was appreciated by all.

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