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Certificate of Commitment

Dr. Divya Lakhani

Certificate of Commitment

28 January, 2022

SVIMS celebrated the 73rd Republic Day on 26th January 2022. The program commenced with flag hoisting by Dr. B H Nanwani, Director, SVIMS. This was followed by all the members offering their respect to the Indian Constitution by reciting the Preamble to the Constitution, followed by the National Anthem.

Ms. Shraddha Shinde, President, Student Council, SVIMS welcomed the audience. She spoke about the role of youth in the national building process. She exhorted everyone to be ready to face the challenges that life has to offer and come out stronger than before.

She then played a video to enlighten the audience on National War Memorial. The memorial was built to commemorate all the soldiers who have laid down their lives in the various battles, wars, operations and conflicts of Independent India. SVIMS salutes all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the motherland.

She then went on to highlighting the contribution of MARATHA LIGHT INFANTRY, one of the oldest Regiments of the Indian Army, that is highly acclaimed for swift maneuver with indomitable courage and bravery. A video showcasing their valor was played to enlighten the audience about their contribution to the nation.

This was followed by the address of our Director, Dr. B H Nanwani. She greeted all the students, faculty and staff of SVIMS on the occasion of 73rd Republic Day. She emphasized on the need to have a disciplined approach in one’s life. She motivated everyone to be dedicated towards all the duties that one has to perform with zeal and enthusiasm, because effort of each and every individual matters. We must go beyond the call of duty and do our share of hard work to contribute towards progress of the country. As a result, they will become self-confident and independent in true sense. The 3D’s – Discipline, Devotion and Duty, are to be adopted as sacred sutras in our lives.

A Republic Day would be incomplete without the cultural performances.

Ms. Sanyukta Borse, Librarian, gave a melodious performance that consisted of mashup of patriotic songs. Keeping up the festive fervour, Ms. Isha Khandekar, Ms. Shreya Vibute, Ms. Namrata Nagpal and Ms. Salomi Gore, students from MBA I gave a mesmerizing performance wherein they danced to the popular number – ‘Desh Rangeela’ from the movie ‘Fanaa’.

The program concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade, HOD & NSS Coordinator.

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