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POSH Pakhwada 2022 Awareness

25th November to 10th December, 2022

Resource Person: Ms. Mansi Tambe

About Violence Against Women 25th November to 10th December 2022 25TH NOVEMBER 2022 SVIMS is committed to promoting gender equality and women empowerment as well as creating awareness about all forms of violence against women that negatively impact gender equality and human dignity. We conducted POSH Pakhwada to make the faculty, staff students and nearby communities aware about the provisions of the Act and towards the need for upholding the dignity of women. Essay Writing No. Of Participants: 40 The students were given following three topics and were to write on any one of them: 1. 2. 3. Domestic Violence: The Reasons Why Women Stay with Their Abuser Dehumanizing Women in The Media Dominance and Power Play in Relationships Child Sexual Abuse: Stay Strong, Not Scarred 26 NOVEMBER 2022 Resource Person: Ms. Mansi Tambe, Psychologist No. of Participants: 52 Child sexual abuse is a growing public health concern and an adverse childhood experience. Ms. Mansi Tambe, helped us understand how we as individuals can play a pertinent role in making the life of children around us safer and in turn be safe ourselves. Ms. Tambe shared about various types of abuse that are inflicted upon children. To understand the concept better, she also put forth a situation and asked the teams to analyze the situations. The discussions had a deep impact on all the students present and they promised to be stronger themselves so that they can be good support systems to the young children around them.

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