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Gender Inclusion and Women Leadership

Resource Person: Dr. Sweta Mohapatra

Dr. Sweta Mohapatra began her session by sharing a well cited research paper of hers titled, “Women Advancing to Leadership Positions: A Qualitative Study of Women Leaders in IT and ITES Sector in India”. Dr. Mohapatra brought forth many elements and examples of real world concerned with diversity, its meaning to the individuals and organizations and the place that women have made for themselves at the corporate table, slowly but steadily. She spoke about the key factors that facilitate the advancement of women to leadership positions.

Dr. Mohapatra emphasized upon the need for Inclusive Leadership, the need to create space for different social, economic, and ideological perspectives and experiences within the workplace. Approaching these differences with empathy and understanding while building a sense of personal authenticity would bring about the desired changes to the existing mindsets. She shared with the students that right from the early phase of their career building they must identify steps to expand and strengthen their personal network, adopt the best practices to develop lasting and positive relationships, and build marketplace reputation and goodwill for themselves and for their organizations.

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