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Cancer Awareness Month Stree Shakti – Being Strong When it Matters the Most


Resource person: Ms.Nilima Bhat, Founder & Director of Shakti Leadership

Cancer is a vicious, silent killer. It requires strength and resilience to fight off or even face this disease. There is a need to build awareness about cancer and the Institution deemed it fit to observe Cancer Awareness Month by organizing a talk on same titled on “Stree Shakti – Being strong when it matters the most”

256 participants attended the session. Ms.Nilima Bhat, spoke about how her journey in this field started when her husband was diagnosed with cancer and her family faced many struggles to overcome this difficult situation.

She then explained that our body is like a canvas. We should be very conscious about what we are thinking and believing because different parts of our body react to different emotions. For example, an affliction of lungs is related to sorrow. The speaker then beautifully explained about the concepts of love and relationship that women play and how it directly affects her own health as also of others. Women must use the shakti of these powerful positive relationships to heal and reduce the negative impact of cancer.

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