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World Environment Day Eco System Restoration- Healing the Earth

6th June, 2022

Resource Person: Mr. Arpo Mukherjee, Sr. Programme Associate, International Forum for Environment, Sustainability and Technology

Resource Person:  Mr. Arpo Mukherjee,  Sr. Programme Associate, International Forum for  Environment, Sustainability and Technology  

Mr. Arpo Mukherjee apprised the audience about the state of our lands, the state of our oceans,  wealth vs material consumptions, the climate crisis, the local challenges and the solutions that  can be adopted to overcome these challenges. He spoke about ecosystem restoration – an  important nature-based solution for food insecurity, climate change, and biodiversity loss. It is  not a quick or easy process; it will require changes in the way we measure economic progress  to how we grow food and what we eat. But the beauty of ecosystem restoration is that it can  happen at any scale – and everyone has a role to play in it. 

He requested everyone to write down their current and sustainable practices in context of use  of transport, handling  waste management, electricity, food, life on land etc. This exercise made  the participants reflect on their actions and brought in a realisation that action rather than talking  is required to save our planet. He urged the attendees to take the environment pledge and put it  on their LINKEDIN profiles for better reach and practice of sustainable initiatives.

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