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Resource Person: Dr. B H Nanwani, Ms. Sonali Joshi

With the guidance of our Director, Dr. B H Nanwani, Ms. Sonali Joshi, faculty member, began  the event by welcoming the faculty and administration members and the students, sharing the  initiative taken by Google. For the whole day today, Google was playing  timelapse videos of  various climatic changes such as melting of glacier, deforestation etc.  

A video by H’nble Working Chairperson, Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Didi Krishna Kumari was  played. In the video, Simply Love: Respect the Earth, Krishna Didi speaks about three types  of  reverence: 

  • Reverence for what is above us  

  •  Reverence for what is around us   

  •  Reverence for what is beneath us   

Such reverence covers God, mankind, the animal world and trees, each item of God’s creation  and all elements  

Ms. Isha Khandekar, student from MBA I, recited two poems as gratitude to Mother Earth. The  titles of the poems were Mother Earth’s Gifts by Kelly Roper and Maytime Magic by Mabel  Watts.  

This was followed by a short documentary video titled “One Earth” – One Earth –  Environmental Short Film ( The video  left everyone in a self-reflection as it struck hard on the manmade disasters that are hurting the  precious Earth.    

Dr. Divya Lakhani was then invited to conduct a Quiz on World Earth Day.

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