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World AIDS Day

1st December, 2021

Resource Person: Ms. Mrunali patil, Ms. Sana Khan and Ms. Vaishnavi Shinde ,Ms. Deepali Chanchlani

This World AIDS day, we as Students’ Council decided to raise the awareness of the students  on AIDS. But we wanted to do this by involving students in a way that they would also engage  and enjoy. Thus, we started with showing them a Street Play on AIDS. The Street Play  showcased the cases, the precautions and the remedies of AIDS. After this, we conducted a  short Quiz competition and 03 students namely, Ms. Mrunali patil, Ms. Sana Khan and Ms.  Vaishnavi Shinde won this competition. 

Ms. Deepali Chanchlani concluded the programme by narrating a poem by a poet that depicted  the transition of a healthy body to a body hit by AIDS.

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