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Water Conservation Practices JAL SHAKTI ABHIYAN

Resource Person: Ms. Sonali Joshi

Ms. Sonali Joshi, faculty member, conducted the program on Water Conservation. She began  by welcoming everyone for the event. She covered the following points in her session:  

Glass Half Full – as a practice at SVIMS, the water is served in the glasses only till the half  level of the glass so as to ensure that even if a guest only sips water, there is not much water  wastage. 

Size of the glass – two glasses from the office pantry were taken and the water quantity was  measured. One glass was short and the other one was taller. However, the water retaining  quantity for both was same.  The perception of the size of the glass too makes a difference as  to how people consider consumption of water.  

Reusable Water Bottles – SVIMS does not support single use plastic. Therefore, all students  and employees are advised to use reusable water bottles and refill the bottles as and when  needed.  

Half Flush – Full Flush – the attendees were also made aware of water conservation practices  in the wash rooms. The concept of Full flush and half flush was introduced to them.  

Dripping Taps – The need to be observant and take actions towards dripping taps anywhere –  roads, homes, gardens, offices – was reiterated. Every individual must feel responsible to close  any taps that may be found dripping or open without a purpose.  

Filling up of Water from the Water Purifier–  Bottles must be kept ready to be filled at the  water purifier station in order to reduce wastage of water. The water from the machine should  not be left open if there is a time lag between two bottles to be filled.  

Reusing the Water –  any water that has been left in glasses or in bottles must be accumulated  in a bucket to be used for cleaning of the floors. If no disinfectant has been put in such water,  then the same water can be used to water the plants. 

  • Dr. Divya Lakhani shared her experience about how water conservation habits were inculcated  in every new member in their home. 

  • The students also were encouraged to take Water Conservation Pledge and upload their videos  on the provided link.

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