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‘Swachh Wari- Swasth Wari- Nirmal Wari –Harit Wari’ Campaign

12th to 14th July, 2021

‘Swachh wari- Swasth Wari- Nirmal Wari –Harit wari’ campaign is important for maintaining  balance in nature.   

27 students of NSS Unit along with Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade, Pune participated in ‘Swachh wari-  Swasth Wari- Nirmal Wari –Harit wari’ campaign jointly organized by the Maharashtra  Government National Service Scheme (NSS) Division and Savitribai Phule Pune University.    

Swachh Wari: We all successfully completed the event of Swachh Bharat Mission by cleaning  our surroundings. Awareness videos were shown on eradication of manual scavenging,  generating awareness and bringing about a behaviour change regarding sanitation practices,  and augmentation of capacity at the local level.   

Harit Wari: It was an initiative towards creating an awareness of tree plantation. Ms Bindiya  Rangwani showed us her terrace garden, explained us about various medicinal plants in her  garden and from where she has bought those from. Even Students like Parishweta, Sayali,  Apoorva showed their terrace gardens. Students were inspired and conducted tree /sapling  plantation along with their family members in their own places.   

Swasth Wari:  This is a university-wide movement to encourage students to remain healthy  and fit by including physical activities and sports in their daily lives.    

Dr Smita Iyer informed in her talk that technology has led us to lead a sedentary life.  So, there  is a need to take effective steps to turn to an active lifestyle to protect our health. Due to the  inactive lifestyle and stressful lives, many people are getting lifestyle diseases such as diabetes,  hypertension etc. Swasth Wari movement can encourage students to consume healthy food and  to maintain physical and mental fitness.   

We all successfully completed a lot of activities like yoga, Zumba dancing, cycling, walking  etc.  

Nirmal Wari: National Service Scheme Volunteers, Program Officers, organized a Plastic  Ban Pledge Program. Under this program, a plastic ban pledge was taken by 40 students and 5  teachers. Ms Vaishali Patil spoke about the recycling of plastic material and gave the slogan -  If you are ‘Fantastic’ then do something ‘Drastic’ to cut the ‘Plastic’. The Programme ended  with healthy discussion on ways of avoiding the use of plastics.

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