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SEVA programme at Kalote, Thakurwadi, Tal Khopoli, Dist Raigad

25th June, 2022

A need analysis undertaken in this area made volunteers realise that non-availability of  resources and continuous heavy rain had created obstacles for school going children; many  would miss school simply because they had no footwear or raincoats to protect themselves  from the adverse weather conditions. Also, financial constraints made it difficult for parents to  buy stationery, notebooks etc. To encourage them in their quest for education, Sadhu Vaswani  Mission, our Founding Body, provided them with Footwear, Raincoats, and school  stationary.  

As a part of community outreach, Dr Abhijeet Kaiwade, PO, NSS, and 21 SVIMS student  volunteers [out of which 16 are NSS volunteers], along with Sadhu Vaswani Mission  volunteers, visited Kalote, Thakurwadi, Raigad. This is a tribal village (ref: 16th Rashtriya Jan  Ganana February 2021 (Census 2021)).    

SVIMS Student volunteers under the community engagement conducted the following  activities:    

  1. Ms Kiran Purohit narrated anecdotes from the life of Sadhu Vaswani with the objective of  imparting some moral and human values to the young students. 

  2. Ms Isha, Ms Salomi, Ms, Gunjan, and Ms Rutuja put up a small skit to encourage students  to show compassion towards animals and go meatless, thus saving Planet Earth and bringing  about sustainability  

  3. Ms Mitali, Ms Isha, Ms Salomi, Ms Nandini, Ms Megha put up an enactment on the theme:  Save Girl Child.     

  4. Student volunteers interacted with these small kids and distributed Joy kits (Savoury Packet,  Toffies, Rajgira Chikki, Chocolate, Cream biscuits)   

  5. Student volunteers helped SVM members for distributing School kits to school children   

          a. Anganwadi 42 students – Slate, Duster, chock set, Pencil box and notebook,        

          b. Pre Primary School 38 students – Set of notebooks, Pencil box, scale, and  

          c. Primary 57 Students – Set of Notebooks, Geometry box, and Pencil box)  

          d. Joy Kit, Footwear & Raincoat for all them.     


137 tribal kids from nearby areas of Kalote village were beneficiaries of this activity

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